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Australia You Beauty!

Australia You Beauty!

This time we are heading to the Lighting Ridge!

If you are a business owner, you can understand that going away even for a few days, means working twice as hard. Getting the orders out before leaving is essential to a relaxed holiday!

With Christmas orders started early, our getaway was even more challenging then ever before! From the courier company (let's not mention their name) not arriving on the booked day, to the packaging taking longer than planned, we were half a day behind the scheduled departure. At the end of the day, your personalised rock candy had to go out first. Eventually, we were on the road looking forward to a well deserved little break!

I was lucky to remember to take some of the leftover candy from our morning orders with me on this trip. I love Australia's landscape and feel very excited to show you some glimpses of our journey.

Introducing you to our top three highlights that have captured our attention the most.

First stop was at Gunnedah town. Gorgeous, natural and full of earthy colours everywhere you look. The Shire is situated in the centre of the highly productive Liverpool Plains, and hosts highly productive industry including grains and cotton.

Hence the second stop was in the middle of a wheat field. I couldn't resist but to take some photos of our handcrafted 'T&C 24.10.2020' grassy green candy next to the wheat crops on a sun-cracked soil. The endless Australian beauty...

Our week long trip was full of other amazing landscapes and experiences, but the cherry on the top was a discovery of a talented John Murray's artHaving bough a few of his prints at a local exhibition in Lightning Ridge, I had to take a photo of our 'Ryan & Aimee' sky-blue wedding candy against his art which was on every corner at the Lighting Ridge town. Incredibly talented and humorous art has left a great impression on everyone.

If you can relate to our experience, please share it with us. Special thank you to our loyal customers, whose wedding candy was featured during this trip, we wouldn't be the same without you!

The World is a sweet place!