Events Candy

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 Surprise your guests with a pack or a jar of mouthwatering rock candy with your or company name written on each piece. Variety of packaging options will suit the size of your event as well as the budget. Bring us any design idea, and we will make your dream come true!
'Design Your Candy' button below is World's best 3D-visualisation candy building tool! In four simple steps it will help you designing the candy, suggest top flavours, help choose the right packaging and finishing touches such as stickers and ribbons. If at any stage you get stuck, call us on 0415 711 911 – we’re only a phone call away.




Important information:

- 100% Australian handmade

- 100% Australian ingredients

- Vegan

- 1% of your purchase will be donated to a local charity (you can nominate)

- Prices start from $420 for 10kgs of custom rock candy batch

- We don't use plastic, we pack in biodegradable packaging

- If stored well, your candy will look and taste delicious for 8+ months

- Vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free

- Sugar Free option available


 Packaging Options

You know what's convenient about this order? We will package and label everything for you so it’s all ready for gifting.  Turn around time is about 3 weeks

Minimum order is a batch of 10kgs at $42.00 per kg (TEXT in the candy) and $52.00 per kg (LOGO in the candy) plus cost for packaging. We can deliver directly to the event. 

Have you got a tight budget? Then, we can make your candy in bulk 1kg bags (free of charge) and you can ask your family or friends to help with packaging! 

Individually Wrapped Candy


 Individually Wrapped | Clear Bags | Glass Jars | Unpackaged

Our personalised candy packaging is tailored to your needs and is handmade to the highest quality. Whilst we can accommodate any packaging options, most popular are:

Individually Wrapped Candy 
  • Introduce your brand in a piece of delicious rock candy!
  • There is 350+ lollies in each kilogram which is plenty for offering at the reception and have the rest of the candy batch packaged in a larger gift sizes
  • We don't use plastic, your candy will be individually wrapped in a clear biodegradable bag of about 35mm x 35mm
  • Best used at your reception desk or in a large bowl at the round table for guests to share



    Clear Gift Candy Bags (various sizes)

  • Looking for a perfect gift size candy bag?
  • We accommodate variety of packaging option, most popular include:
  • 1, 3, 6, 9, 20 and 50 pieces of candy per bag (serving size is 9 pieces)
  • We don't use plastic, your candy will be in a clear biodegradable or oxo-biodegradable bags
  • ADD-ONS include branded sticker/header-card/matching ribbon
  • Branded sticker or header-card is a perfect way to display your business logo and details
  • We will take care of the sticker/header-card design for you at no extra cost. All you need to do is to email us your logo and a wish list, once the candy order is placed!

  • Glass Jar (various sizes) 
  • Looking for a delicious branded gift that will last?
  • We accommodate variety of packaging option, most popular include:
    • Small jar 40g - 15 pieces of candy
    • Medium jar 80g - 25 pieces of candy
    • Tall jar 100g - 45 pieces of candy
    • Large jar 130g - 55 pieces of candy
  • Serving size is 9 pieces
  • We don't use plastic, your candy will be in a glass jar
  • ADD-ONS include branded sticker, tag or a matching ribbon
  • Branded sticker or tag is a great place to say “Thank You" or the name of your event
  • Best used for complementing your gift packages or on its own

  • Unpackaged/Bulk
  • Feeling creative? We can supply your candy in 1kg bulk bags, absolutely free of charge.

    Please get in touch with us by email on or call us on 0415 711 911 - we'll get back to you with a personalised quote and mockup of your design.