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Delicious candy & place card as 2 in 1 gift!

Delicious candy & place card as 2 in 1 gift!

Give your guests a truly special gift they will remember forever! 

Whether you are planning a corporate event or your own wedding, place cards are one of the mandatory things in table decoration and you can make it look stylish by using your personalised candy jars!

Elegant and delicious gift is a memorable touch that let your guests know where to take their seats while also giving them something to snack on along the way.

Many of our clients have already enjoyed the option of our personalised packaging such as this lovely candy jar. Not only we take care of your candy's perfect design and flavour, but we also package it for you.

As we are looking after your order from start to finish, we are able to match your candy, its packaging and printing colours down to the smallest detail. For example, there are many different shades of pink, right? We will match it all for you.

We offer variety of sticker designs, colours and personal thank you messages unlimited to your imagination. It's truly the ideal 2 in 1 thank you gift and a place card for your special day. Ban the boring place cards and save!

Prices begin from $6.25 

PS. Order before the end of May and receive 10% off!