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I want my candy be made locally in Australia!

I want my candy be made locally in Australia!

If you stop investing, your company won't make it through the long night.

Not even the most well-prepared businesses have the time and the resources to spare waiting for a months-long return. Every decision counts and every dollar needs to be invested with the maximum return. The only way to survive the crisis is to keep pushing forward. 

Our country won't return to normal before the landscape of business is changed forever. To avoid joining the number of permanently closed businesses, you must make the most of every dollar.

Consumers have plenty of time to pay attention in quarantine. People stuck in their homes spend more time in a digital world. Although they may not buy as many products, they would only buy from the brands that communicate with them.

From the month of June, at Brand Candy we have seen an incredible 30% raise in customer orders. We've seen more businesses wanting to make their customers feel special by gifting them their branded personalised rock candy. We have found that our customers' focus has shifted from 'what's your minimum order' to 'I want my candy be made locally in Australia'.

We are here to support your businesses during such an unprecedented time and make every marketing dollar count for you, by bringing the most impact with your personalised gift. For example, the header-card on top of the candy bag has been a particularly popular packaging option.

For a fraction of a cost, your header-card is a perfect marketing space for your business information, contact details and a custom message. Take your customer on the journey with your mouthwatering candy but also let them know who you are!

We understand that you might be short for time and the resources to design the packaging, we are here to help! When placing your order, simply email us your logo and a brief information, and we will design it for you absolutely free!