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Light! Camera! Action! Showtime!

Light! Camera! Action! Showtime!

Supply chain collaboration is a hot topic! 

Collaboration between the businesses - joint initiative to go beyond their normal course of day-to-day activities. It isn't a new topic, however, in the past years the supplier chain collaboration has taken a greater importance. So when presented with an opportunity, Brand Candy wasn't going to miss it and it's been fantastic!

How it all began

A few months ago, we were approached by our incredible personalised sticker supplier - Avery.

If you are our existing client, you know that Brand Candy completely customises everything for each client. We pride ourselves is absolute quality, from branded candy design to its packaging and labelling, no order is the same! Working with big corporates such as Westpac, colour match brand guidelines is absolute essential for both candy and its packaging. Often rushed deadlines and urgent orders require flexibility to change/tweak things as we go, and Avery product is a big part of our business success. Contacting printing suppliers and awaiting on delivery, last minute costly design changes for large orders; it's all in the past, we do it all in-house.

Light! Camera! Action!

Lovely Jo from Avery invited to showcase us on their upcoming Small Business campaign.  She advised that this campaign is to run across all their digital channels with high exposure in their digital platforms. What an incredible opportunity for Brand Candy, thank you!

Feeling a little nervous but incredibly excited for the opportunity, I had a phone interview with Carmen, and the interview draft turned out to be spot-on! 

All inspired and positive about our new experience, I've heard from Avery yet again. This time, she said she is enlisting a videographer to film Brand Candy's story and highlight our business in a video.

Feeling grateful and slightly dizzy with emotions, I could not wait to see what we can do together!

We had a lot of fun making a film as well as shooting the products. The team at Avery came very prepared and were great at calming my nerves...

The video should be ready soon and I can not wait to share it with you all. The aim was to share our story and show behind the closed doors. 

If you are a small business and create a personalised product that requires labelling, could I please highly recommend Avery's Design & Print Online tool and have a complete control over your business.