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On Our Mission To Make The World A Sweeter Place

On Our Mission To Make The World A Sweeter Place

On Our Mission To Make The World A Sweeter Place

"Having a shared value approach helps a company stay ethically centred, making business decisions that are not just informed by short-term profit goals but by long-term social impact." by AIA Australia | 03/05/2018

There are a lot of different businesses using their reach to support organisations around the world to create a better future for generations to come. As part of our ongoing commitment to making the World a sweeter place, we donate 1% of all sales to our nominated charities.

Last week Brand Candy has taken part in a great and a little 'different' choice of charity - The United Nations & Overseas Policing Association of Australia (UNOPAA). Here is a link to this amazing organisationhttp://www.unopaa.org/

This is an Australian incorporated, non-profit organisation whose members are both serving or retired Police Officers from Police Forces throughout Australia who have served or are serving with United Nations or AFP International Deployment Group (IDG) Peacekeeping Forces throughout the world!

Our donation was to support a TRUE BLUE August publication this year. It's an official magazine of the United Nations & Overseas Policing Association of Australia. TRUE BLUE is posted to its members throughout Australia and worldwide to where AFP IDG are serving. The magazine contains welfare, legislative and social information relevant to the well being and camaraderie of UNOPAA members who have, or are serving in Australia’s National Interest.

We felt extremely touched by being part of such a special Australian cause!

We will share a copy of this publication with you, when it's out!