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Ribbons dilemma and more customisation

Ribbons dilemma and more customisation

Introducing our new product, custom printed ribbon for your branded rock candy gifts!

We understand that sometimes it’s hard to choose the colour of the ribbons to compliment your candy jars. There are too many options. For example, this lovely couple, George and Alex are getting married in a couple of weeks and were torn between the choices for their wedding candy bombonieres.

However, when it comes to a corporate branded candy gifts, the choice is much stricter and often needs to be aligned with the marketing guidelines. We have listened to you, our customers and are excited to offer you a custom printed ribbon to compliment your branded rock candy jars and bags! 
This is truly remarkable, as you can order a perfect looking gift that is custom made from start to finish just for you.
If you'd like to see whether we can print your company logo on the ribbons, please call 0415 711 911.
Have a sweet weekend!