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Tips for perfect candy order

Tips for perfect candy order

Make your people smile!

Talk to us about your ideas, thoughts, feelings and inspiration and let's build you your very own rock candy! Let's make your WOW candy together!

Here are some tips for achieving a delicious, fun & beautiful candy.


How many colours can you have on your candy?

The good news is that you can have as many colours as you want! And we can certainly make you a rainbow. However, our experience suggests that the candy looks its best with three colours.


What is the most popular flavour for different events?

Corporate candy typically tends to be tropical. It's absolutely delicious and also enjoyed by most, so you can't go wrong.

Wedding candy on the other hand is mostly ordered in strawberry and raspberry flavours. These are very romantic flavours, especially if its strawberry & cream! Yum-yum!

My personal favourite this month is a blueberry flavour! We have recently supplied an amazing blueberry flavoured candy for a baby-shower and it was sensational to say the least! Its full of flavour that dances on your tongue!

Colour & Flavour

How do the colours and flavours work together? For example, can I have a blue candy in a strawberry flavour?

Absolutely! Colours and flavours work independently. 

It is your important event, birthday, special anniversary. We encourage you to get inspired and tell us what you've envisioned - we will make it happen!