Personalised Wedding Candy

Wedding Candy & Custom Packaging

Wedding Favours That Keep Guests Talking After the Weekend!

This will keep your guests raving long after you've said "I do!" We will handcraft candy with your names or initials in your wedding colours and a desired flavour! We will also arrange them in custom jars or bags with your wedding date.

This will be something special for you to dig into once you've finally taken those heels off and your guests will always remember what a sweet night they had!  

     Important information:

    - 100% Australian handmade

    - 100% Australian ingredients

    - Vegan

    - 1% of your purchase will be donated to a local charity (you can nominate)

    - We don't use plastic, we pack in biodegradable and oxo-biodegradable packaging

    - If stored well, your candy will look and taste delicious for up to 8 months

    - Sugar Free option available 

    Packaging Options

    Surprise your guests with a pack or a jar of mouthwatering rock candy with your names written on each piece. Variety of packaging options will suit the size of your event as well as the budget. Bring us any design idea, and we will make your dream come true! 



    Individually Wrapped | Clear Bags | Glass Jars | Unpackaged

    Our personalised candy is tailored to your packaging needs and is handmade to the highest quality. Whilst we can accommodate any packaging options, our most popular are:


    Clear Candy Bags (various sizes)

     Glass Jar (various sizes)




    Tips for a perfect candy

    Talk to us about your ideas, thoughts, feelings and inspiration and let's build you your very own rock candy! Let's make your WOW candy together! Here are some tips for achieving a delicious, fun & beautiful candy.


    How many colours can you have on your candy?

    The good news is that you can have as many colours as you want! And we can certainly make you a rainbow. However, our experience suggests that the candy looks its best with three colours.


    What is the most popular flavour for different events?

    Wedding candy is mostly ordered in strawberry, watermelon, mint and raspberry flavours. These are very romantic flavours that dance on your tongue!

    Colour & Flavour

    How do the colours and flavours work together?

    Colours and flavours work independently.

    We encourage you to try our "Design Your Candy" tool to play with your ideas and colours. Its simply the Best candy design tool only in Australia, but possibly in the World!