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Candy With Logo Or Candy With Name?

Candy With Logo Or Candy With Name?

Is your company logo quite intricate?

Recently, there has been a strong demand for branded candy, whether it’s for an open home or a corporate event. We agree that a piece of a delicious rock candy with your perfectly displayed brand in the centre is a memorable gift!

However, some corporate logos are easier to hand make than others. We love a good challenge but if your brand has some stringent guidelines, we need to assess the risks. So, what are the options?

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If your logo is hard and the risk of making any branded deviations is high, we would recommend making the company name instead. It’s definitely a great alternative!

Some company names are designed in a lower-case. That’s not a problem for us! With years perfecting the lower-case names, we can guarantee a great looking candy! 

I hope this has been helpful and looking forward to your candy ideas!