Logo Sustainability is in everything we do! SUSTAINABILITY IS IN EVERYTHING WE DO!


The sustainability shift is real.

The sustainability shift is real.

The business sector has taken notice and actions to create a more sustainable future. We've seen this sustainability shift first hand. Perspective customers are becoming curious and at times are very inquisitive about the packaging we offer.

Likely, this is what we at Brand Candy are passionate about since the beginning, and are relived to see how many of our business customers are joining our philosophy.

If we haven't spoken to you about our biodegradable packaging, here is some insight.

Whether the candy packed for your conference or the wedding, we will only supply your candy in the proper biodegradable bags. The bags are sourced from an Australian producer and there is a regular communication in place of its production and quality. Our candy bags are derived from the cellulose, which is a natural material that is biodegradable and compostable. We hope to see more of you offering your branded candy in the sustainable packaging and let's create a healthier world together!