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Giving and sharing truly connects us!

Giving and sharing truly connects us!

Giving and sharing connects us with the true spirit of Christmas!
In our previous newsletter, we reached out to you, our subscribers, looking for new charities and organisations who could use some delicious rock candy this Christmas. We had an overwhelming response, thankyou!

The two wonderful and super grateful recipients were the Paediatrics Ward in Liverpool Hospital, Sydney, NSW and Roundabout Canberra charity for families in ACT. 

Miranda from Roundabout Canberra charity responded to our offer and said "We would love to receive this gift! Thank you so much for the kind offer and thinking of us." A wonderful Liverpool Hospital nurse, Melissa shared the photos after receiving the candy bags and said "The ward staff are so thrilled about the candy. They are so beautifully packaged and the candy looks Divine. Thank you so much for bringing Christmas joy to our staff."

We at Brand Candy was privileged to be part of your Christmas! It has never felt so sweet!

Best Wishes,
Oxana at Brand Candy