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Our Top Trending Flavours

Our Top Trending Flavours

Curious about our top candy flavours?

Making the candy look incredible is our job, but I’m sure you want to choose the best flavour for your personalised candy. Working closely with businesses, couples and families, we've learned that there is one thing in common - flavour!

We are proud to offer the most extensive flavour range and you can get adventurous with making your candy taste like strawberries & cream, cola, or peppermint. However, there are clear winners that our clients order the most of, and they are watermelon, apple and raspberry.

We make personalised rock candy with all-natural flavours and colours. Candy is also nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan so anyone can enjoy a delicious rock! As we head into the weekend, please enjoy the sunshine! 

Don’t worry, eat candy!