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Candy is in the chocolate shop!

Candy is in the chocolate shop!

We love meeting our customers and your stories stay with us forever!
This one, in particular, has left a warm fuzzy feeling. Introducing, Martin and his family-owned business, Robetown Chocolate Company. Martin is a talented jeweller from VIC, and now is also the proud owner of this beautiful handmade chocolate store in Robe, SA. In fact, today was the store's opening and we are wishing them a huge success!


Apart from an incredible selection of white and freckled Obelisk shape chocolates, milk chocolate-covered snakes, and the "chocolate bombs", Martin also offers delicious rock candy in the colours of the local football club.

Martin designed his personalised candy featuring a beautiful Obelisk in the centre of the delicious, strawberry flavoured rock. Please follow them on Facebook and pay a visit when next time in Robe, SA.

We will definitely come for a visit, once we can travel interstate again! Please send us your photos and stories, we love to connect!

Don't worry, Eat candy!