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It's Our Birthday!

It's Our Birthday!

Last week we celebrated our third birthday!

It has been an unforgettable year that’s certainly worth sharing about.

Last year has been really unique! 

We started the year feeling really positive, expecting big things from our newly built online candy design tool.  We were looking forward to making your candy order process simple and easy by providing you with the latest design technology for the most enjoyable candy order process! And then there was Covid...

How did it affect us?

At first, the future looked confusing but the worst thing was to hear your heartbreaking stories about the cancelled weddings, birthdays and events! All of a sudden we found ourselves reassuring you that its all going to be better soon. Lucky that our candy looks and tastes delicious for about a year so we made sure you were aware of it and didn't give up on your candy dreams!

However, there were a few unfortunate events that got canceled and our customer had to deliver their candy gifts without any ceremony or celebration at all.

But in saying that, some of you got very creative and embarrassed the restrictions. The most memorable story of all was the 50th birthday celebration in WA, where the candy bags were placed in the stubbies and gifted to the drive-by birthday crew parade. They were waving and cheering, and of course munching on the personalised birthday candy. What a great idea!

By the end of May the events outlook wasn't too promising but we had hope! And there it was...

As if someone turned the switch back on, not only we have smashed our goals, we quadrupled them too! Even though Covid is still very much present in planning our events and celebrations, we all have learned to stay positive and agile!

How do we summarise the past year?

As we summarise the past year we are proud of:

  • Having 100 new customers on board with two being on a regular permanent candy orders
  • Maintaining our five star customer rating on all of the platforms
  • Designing our new automated packaging machine which soon will help us to deliver your rock candy orders even faster!
If you follow us for sometime, you already know that as part of our mission to 'Make the World a sweeter place' we donate 1% of sales to an Australian charity. Having a great year last year also meant that we were able to donate more towards some really good causes around the country. Here are some of them:
- Donated $500 to an important kids charity, Hirschsprung disease
- Made a personalised rock candy for a junior rugby league club in Cobar
- Packaged the candy free of charge for a kids dance school in SA
- Gave a discount to a local church in Western Sydney


As we proudly celebrate our Third birthday this year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Brand Candy as your trusted personalised rock candy maker. In celebration of our birthday and to show our appreciation for your business in the past year, the first ten orders will receive a $30 off the purchase! All you need to do is to place an order by the end of the month and mention our third birthday $30 off offer.

I look forward to working with you, and providing you with an exceptional level of service by listening to your needs and inspirations, and delivering a delicious personalised rock candy to further your brand presence.

Don’t worry, Eat candy!

Oxana and the Team!

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