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Our Lives Got Entangled!

Our Lives Got Entangled!

We are all connected!

Over the past weeks, there was a lot happening at Brand Candy that took up most of my time and energy. However, life has a way of challenging us just when we feel we are already stretched to the max. Sounds familiar?

One of our last pre-Covid personalised candy orders was for the Westmead Clinical School. I must admit, we love all projects but when it comes to making candy treats for our essential services, it genuinely melts our hearts. Before we commence making your personalised rock candy, I always refer to your website and verify the colours and the logo. This was the first time I've learned about Westmead Clinical School and felt a great privilege to be involved.

How does it link back to us being connected?

Well, if you take me back a couple of weeks, we were mega excited that soon we would be allowed to plan with you your special events, couples would be allowed to get married and have family and friends to attend, and your businesses were able to lolly-treat the existing and new customers. 

Just like the topic suggests, past weeks were full of hope and excitement for the Covid19 era to be over but some crushing doctor's news left me in tears. 

My son, Lucas was diagnosed with osteomyelitis which is an infection of his pelvis bone. Absolute "freak-accident", the doctor said! We stayed over a week at Westmead Children's hospital dealing with needles and tests, leaving all Brand Candy work behind. But every morning, I was sitting with my hot morning coffee only next door to our last pre-Covid client, feeling thankful for my son getting better and realising how only weeks ago I didn't know what Westmead Clinic School was about. And now my son is literally at the mercy of their hard work, surrounded by dedicated and attentive nurses and doctors, making sure my son gets back to his soccer soon!

Thank you Universe!